The Faint has been steadily hacking off singles from their new album, "Doom Abuse," for the past few months. The electro-punks' first release since 2008's "Fasciinatiion," their sixth LP seems to be poised as a macabre masterpiece with a glimmering, euphoric lining. The latest single off the album, “Dress Code,” ramps up the energy of the normally no-nonsense post-punks with a heart racing bass line and aberrant synths. Check out the track via Stereogum and be sure to catch The Faint on the Doom Abuse Tour, which will be stopping at Metro on Friday, May 23. Tickets are on sale here.

Posted on Monday March 31

Teaser Thursdays: Gary Numan
Coming up this Saturday night, Gary Numan returns to the Metro stage on tour in support of his latest release "Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)". The Sun-Times' Jeff Elbel caught up with Numan -

" With an innovative streak extending 37 years, Gary Numan connects to his fans at different points along his timeline. Many initially heard him as a synth-pop pioneer who first charted during the New Wave era with “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” Recent converts are drawn to Numan’s exploration of industrial and gothic textures.

Numan delves deeply into uncharted personal territory on his 20th album, “Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind).” The material will surprise those who expect the detached and untouchable character heard in 1979 single “Cars.”"

Read the entire article at the Sun-Times, and go get your tickets!

Posted on Thursday March 27

gary numan

With Gary Numan headed back to Chicago for a Metro show on March 29, local designer Steven Holliday was tapped to create a commemorative poster. A recent graduate of SAIC, Holliday’s work blends a creative absurdity, love of bright and dark color, and a whole lot of city pride. The print for Gary Numan is no different and shows off Holliday’s playful way of mixing these elements to create a coherent and memorable piece, this time complete a Chicago cop car flying down and crashing front-end first on Clark St. in front of the Metro marquee. See more of Steven Holliday’s work via his website.

Posted on Tuesday March 25

Saturday May 3: CLAUDIO SIMONETTI'S GOBLIN - Performing a Live Score of Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA

Posted on Tuesday March 25


The folks at Noisey embarked on a punk rock gonzo adventure last week. Their mission? Drive the dudes of RETOX to a house show in LA while chatting about the band's origin and their recent move to Epitaph Records. The band even finds time to wax nostalgic on the SoCal punk scene and chat about their greatest musical influences, with the Beatles garnering a nod in the conversation. (Spoiler: John Lennon is pegged as "the ultimate badass.") West Coast hardcore juggernaut Justin Pearson and his bandmates will be bulldozing through Metro alongside The Dillinger Escape Plan at Metro on April 11. Tickets are on sale here.

Posted on Monday March 24

Kishi Bashi is an artist we always look to for a little refreshment and boy has he delivered with his new video and single, ““Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” While the track originally appeared last August on a 7”, the new, more fleshed out version now serves as the lead for his upcoming sophomore effort, Lighght. The video definitely matches the feel of the song, driving a lucid, chaotic, visually-pleasing intoxication paired with the euphoric rush of layered instruments and vocals. It’s sure to fill some slots for those times you need a nice go-to, pick-me-up tune. Give the video a peek below and catch Kishi Bashi in Chicago playing a Metro show on May 31.

Posted on Friday March 21

The War on Drugs just released their third album, Lost In The Dream, but the band’s definitely a different, more well-rounded band this time around. Following up on 2011’s breakthrough, Slave Ambient, the band, fronted by Adam Granduciel, spent most of two full years on the road, continually touring through larger and larger rock clubs, festivals, and appearing on late-night TV programs. As time went on, Granduciel noted how the band started to form into the polished, complete rock band, solidified from those years spent together.

On previous efforts, Granduciel mostly worked on the basics of the songs by himself then brought the rest of the band in, especially to play the songs live. On Lost In The Dream that wasn’t the case. He and his fellow band mates spent eight months recording in various places, from North Carolina to New York. Only after hearing back all the pieces recorded with the band did Granduciel go back and dig through the sounds, adding, subtracting, and changing pieces around. The new album may have been crafted from their previous albums backwards, but don’t be fooled, The War on Drugs have continued to produce some amazing music, continually growing to be the band deserving of a critical response the likes of which Lost In The Dream has seen.

The band’s live show was one of the definitive pieces to make the record what it is, the necessary element to truly bring them together. Luckily for Chicago, the band will be through this Sunday at Metro. It’s a show many have been looking forward to and its finally here.

Posted on Friday March 21

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