LA rapper Earl Sweatshirt sat down with BBC radio for an interview that revealed all sorts of insights, both goofy and illuminating, about his time on his 3-month Wearld Tour. The two talked about Earl’s wild nights and highlighted the most memorable, or in some cases unmemorable, cities on the tour. But the bulk of the interview revolved around the enigmatically delicious breakfast meat that we like to call bacon. Earl joked that Europe’s breakfast style is trash and how “breakfast is an institution that needs to be taken seriously.” He even verified that Tyler, the Creator gets bacon flown in and cooked side stage for him during his shows.

In the midst of all the breakfast humor though to buy nolvadex online Earl eventually spilled the beans about what to expect from his music in the future. From the sounds of it, Earl has a lot of great ideas. Incorporating new elements into songs is his latest staple, and he even demonstrates a little sneak peak of it in the interview by play a funky loop that features a banjo.

After an infamous mix tape, multiple collaborations and a debut album, it looks like Earl Sweatshirt took his time on tour to not only celebrate his hard work, but also find inspiration for his upcoming recordings. Listen to the full interview with BBC above and don’t forget to buy your <a href=”http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.jsp?performance_id=1823871&cobrand=metrochicago” target=”_blank”>tickets to his Metro show on July 19</a>.