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Empire Productions welcomes The Speed of the Wizard Tour 2018 with...

Municipal Waste & High On Fire

Toxic Holocaust / Haunt

Thursday, Nov 15

6pm Doors //

7pm Show

$26 advance / $28 day of


Empire Productions Welcomes…..
$26 Advance & $28 Day Of / 18 & Over / Doors:  6:00pm / Show:  7:00pm

So what happens when a band’s riotous reputation catches up with them? Precautionary
measures are taken and they – of course – get banished, only this time, it’s into space! When
the greedy ship captain hordes the food rations, the crew kicks into survival mode, commit
mutiny, and devour their captain skewing the story into a horrific yet fantastic cannibalistic
voyage into space that cult movies are made of.
The Fatal Feast, the fifth studio album by Richmond, Virginia’s cross-over kings MUNICIPAL
WASTE, not only ponders the type of moral dilemma faced in the title track but also tackles
earthly issues that consistently plague humanity (“Covered In Sick/The Barfer,”
“Repossession,” “Standards And Practices,” “12 Step Program,” “Crushing Chest Wound”).
These 37 minutes of new music consolidate the best of everything the band’s got to offer:
their utmost respect for headbang-inducing riffs, their trademarked aggression, their
tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, and their talent for extracting meaning out of the absurd.
Rising from the squalor of a cursed punk house for their live debut at a New Year’s Eve keg
party welcoming in 2001, founding members Ryan Waste and Tony Foresta quickly
embraced a DYI ethic to spread the word about their band and graduated to booking shows
out-of-state and even in Mexico. After a self-titled EP and the Waste ‘Em All debut album in
2003, bassist Phil “LandPhil” Hall and former Melt Banana drummer Dave Witte were
ushered into the fold. This line-up went on to record three full-length albums for Earache
Records (2005’s Hazardous Mutation, 2007’s The Art Of Partying, and 2009’s Massive
Aggressive), earning such accolades throughout their career as “MUNICIPAL WASTE do it so
well that any track could squeeze comfortably between D.R.I. and Gang Green on a mix
tape” from Spin Magazine, “No band sound more authentic,” from Alternative Press, “A gold
standard” from Decibel magazine , and “Undeniably the best at what they do,” from Outburn magazine. Visually, the band also delivered, as evidenced by the success of the devil-may-
care and often outrageous attitude of their videos which have all become fan-chanted
anthems at their live shows. The fact is, no one could argue against MUNICIPAL WASTE’s
reputation as the ultimate feel-good party band.
Dedicated to keeping the spirit of the 1980’s cross-over scene alive, it was with their
uncontrollable mirth and succinct songs that lead MUNICIPAL WASTE to reap the rewards of
their hard work. By the time they signed with new label Nuclear Blast in 2011, they had
proven themselves as die-hard road warriors would could tour & perform with bands outside
their genre such as Suicidal Tendencies, The Casualties, 7 Seconds, Circle Jerks, Sick Of It All,
GWAR, Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, and At The Gates and win over their crowds. Here
they are 11 years later and their rabid fan base continues to expand.
With artwork by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design , 2012’s The Fatal Feast is the first
MUNICIPAL WASTE album to feature contributions from invited guests. Steve Moore of
Zombi penned the intro to the title track and the spacey “Waste In Space,” John Connelly of
Nuclear Assault’s vocals grace “Unholy Abductor,” and singer Tim Barry of Richmond punk
legends Avail jumps in on “Standards And Practices.”
For fans of metal, punk, and hardcore, MUNICIPAL WASTE’s The Fatal Feast is already being
hailed as “an interstellar thrashterpiece” by Decibel magazine. Space may be a noiseless
vacuum for amateurs who don’t travel with their own P.A. system, but seasoned veterans of
extreme situations MUNICIPAL WASTE always know better than to leave home without it!

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