Baltimore rock band, J. Roddy Walston & The Business, will begin their "Howl & Moan Tour" next month to celebrate their latest populated album, "Essential Tremors." After coasting through the summer making killer chaotic appearances at festivals like The Shindig and Chicago’s very own Lollapalooza, the band has undoubtedly made a spark in the media. Taking the stage with glory and spunk every time, the band’s frontman, J. Roddy Walston, has awed enough fans to make their following both passionate and diverse. It’s his wild head whips and spastic piano playing that amazes the crowd and his soulful ballad melodies gliding over anything from heavy guitars to pop rhythms that hook those looking for a genuinely talented band.

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch J. Roddy live then you know his sincere passion for what he does, but for those of you who haven’t, American Songwriter Magazine has done the liberty of revealing his true understanding of the artistic world in a news feature this past week. The magazine asked Roddy the mother load of all questions with "What is it like to be an artist, and more than that, try to win your daily bread from it?" Answering the question through a personally crafted short story, J. Roddy Walston produced a piece of literature that codes the endless struggles artists face wanting to belt out the truth but knowing that it’s not always what the people want to hear. It’s a perfect introspective story that powerfully expresses the sad realities in a world so native to lies. His allegory is deep and clever and can be interpreted in many ways that Roddy doesn’t even understand himself, but one thing is for certain: after one read-through of his story, the admiration level for J. Roddy Walston’s work will soar to a new found appreciation for the band.

Read the article here and catch the all-around talent that embodies J. Roddy Walston & The Business as they storm the Metro stage on September 18. Tickets can be purchased here!

Posted on Monday August 25

The unique mind of Oscar-nominated Owen Pallett is one that has been puzzling fans for years. Each song on his new album, “In Conflict,” contains a whirlwind of symphonic instruments, electronic arrangements and deeply poetic lyrics that is far from similar to anything produced in the industry today. In May, Spin magazine was fortunate enough to sit down with Pallett to dig deep into the true meanings behind each song on the album. He clarified that when it came to his deliberately offsetting, monumental sounds, his influences relied deeply on his admiration for big-time modernist Galina Ustvolskaya and the contribution of composer Brian Eno. In terms of his lyrics, however, there were a much more passionate influence guiding Pallett’s songs: his own, often conflicting, memories. In the article, Pallett explained how each song enriches a personal time in his life. While some songs are quite simple, such as “Song For Five & Six” being about playing soccer, there are many tracks that reveal a more personal story. Topics such as suicide, taking LSD and inner civilization struggles are all themes behind some raw stories Owen shares on the album. After touring with Arcade Fire, composing soundtracks and songs for Billboard chart-toppers, Owen has finally taken the time off to swoon us once again. Through his honorable music theory and thought-provoking lyrics, he has easily created one of the most complex albums of the year that you won’t want to miss. Check out the here!

Posted on Monday August 18

Friday, August 29: HERO IN EDEN

Thursday, October 2: JOEY BADA$$
Saturday, November 15: WATSKY

Thursday, November 13: FKA TWIGS

Posted on Friday August 15

JD McPherson is a guy with a soul. One listen through his debut album, "Signs and Signifiers," and you’ll hear it, cutting straight on through the twangy melodies and grit-caked croons. His music takes a step back to decades past and harkens back to the bluesy roots of rock 'n roll. Now with a second album set for release this fall and a full tour planned, McPherson looks to keep that classic sound while still giving listeners something fresh and new.

It's no wonder that a precocious artist like McPherson has some absolutely fantastic insights about music, production, radio, and other forms of media. Channeling his past life as a middle school art teacher, the native Oklahoman decided to explain his latest experiences through another artistic medium--illustration. Check out a couple pages of McPherson’s illustrations delving into his influences, the digital age, and more here.

Metro is excited to welcome JD McPherson back to Chicago for a show on September 5th. Tickets are on sale here.

Posted on Monday August 11


Wednesday, October 8: LUCIUS
Friday, November 7: THE WILD FEATHERS
Monday, November 10: ST. LUCIA
Tuesday, November 25: DEATH (DTA TOURS)

Posted on Friday August 8

Metro is seeking a new addition to our Street Route! Members of the Metro Street Route are responsible for distributing promotional materials throughout their designated neighborhoods. We are currently looking for an enthusiastic individual to take on Street Route South, which is composed of Logan Square, Wicker Park, Avondale, Bucktown, West Town, and Pilsen. Candidates should also be willing to aid in the creation and execution of specialty routes for tailor-made street team campaigns. Not only is a Street Route Team Member expected to continue relationships between Metro and local businesses, but also form new partnerships and extend the promotional presence of the club throughout the city. Must be available for at least two weekdays and have a car.

Interested? Please submit your cover letter and resumé to by Sunday, August 10.

Posted on Wednesday August 6

The power of the Internet gave us the ability to learn how to yodel in less than two minutes, gain a thousand friends in about a week, and watch an entire season of Breaking Bad in one day. But the best gift the Internet could have ever given us was the new found appreciation for everyone’s favorite household animal: the cat. What used to be just the furry creature lurking around your home is now the new face of Internet humor. The cat phenomenon turned every kitty small enough to fit in a cup, ugly enough to make you cringe, or deformed enough that their everlasting dwarf state is so cute your heart actually hurts, into Internet superstars all around the world. The influence of these unique cats not only gave us great meme-worthy material, but also a new culture so strong that cat clothing is actually in-style and the happiness of the world increases everyday a new cat rises to fame.

But one cat in particular has captivated the hearts of America in a way that actually matters. Her name is Lil Bub, an abnormally cute orphan cat whose tongue is endlessly hanging, makes her own sounds, and is a “perma-kitten,” aka she’ll be an adorable four pounds for the rest of her life. Just two years ago her owner, Mike Bridavsky, found himself bankrupt, emotionally unstable, and living solely through the help of his friends. He never would have thought that a few weeks later Lil Bub, the precious toothless cat that he rescued from a tool shed back in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, would be found on the front page of Reddit and end up spiraling her into the most famous Internet cat in the world today. Bridavsky wanted to share Lil Bub to the world not because of her infectious lovability, but because she was a phenomenal creature that everyone needed experience.

Lil Bub now has an independent clothing line, her own documentary, and a 12-episode online talk show that she hosts, called “Lil Bub’s Big Show.” She’s worked with celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, and Andrew W.K., and even met Robert De Niro. This cat has been on The View, has her own book, has a personal Animal Planet special, and way more social media followers that anyone could even fathom. With all this fame, Lil Bub has saved Bridavsky from complete destruction and has helped raise more than $200,000 for animal charities. Lil Bub isn’t just some cat dressed in an unfortunate outfit giving people a good laugh; she’s actually a cat making a difference in the world, swapping online hate-talk with humor and positivity, and bringing together a kind of silliness so necessary in the world that we had no choice but to bring her to Metro.

Lil Bub will take the stage with actor, artist, and musician, David Yow to celebrate his forthcoming book, “Copycat: And A Litter of Other Cats.” The book consists of cat portraits that are each based around both hilarious and uniquely beautiful puns. This will be your chance to catch a sneak peak of the new book, meet celebricat Lil Bub, and experience the special edition of Lil Bub’s Big Show live right here at Metro. And even better, the whole event will benefit Tree House Humane Society and Lil Bub’s Big FUND for the ASPCA! Lil Bub will be hanging out for a Meet & Greet session that’s destined to deliver the most happiness and humor one could ever endure on a Wednesday night. Check out SPIN’s article for more of an inside scoop on Lil Bub’s rise to fame and come to Metro on August 6 for the big show, tickets can still be purrrrchased here!

Posted on Monday August 4

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