Last week, Spoon’s frontman Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno were featured in an interview with NPR talking about their new album, They Want My Soul, which will be out in August. The two talked about the four-year break between albums, a time in which Daniel formed Divine Fits, Eno produced records by Telekenesis, !!!, Heartless Bastards, and more, bassist Rob Pope opened a bar, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Harvey put out a solo record. The band has definitely stayed busy during the past few years but what about the new music? How has that changed?

Well, for one, Spoon decided this time around to seek outside production help on the new record. They where to buy good nolvadex started working with Joe Chiccarelli and ended up finishing with Dave Friddman. They have also added the latest member of the band Alex Fischel, who weaves in more synth elements on top of the very noticeable “Spoon” sound from albums past.

Now more than 20 years into their careers with the band, the two make the break sound extremely positive, giving everyone time to recharge and gear up for a new album and touring plans. Check out the entire interview over at NPR (or the text excerpts) and catch Spoon in Chicago where they will be part of Lollapalooza as well as playing a now-sold-out Lollapalooza after show at Metro.