George Clanton

Frost Children * Death's Dynamic Shroud

Friday, September 29
Doors: 8pm // Show: 9pm
$26 Advance / $30 Day of

Friday, September 29
George Clanton * Frost Children * Death’s Dynamic Shroud
$26 Adv. / $30 Day of / 18 & Over / Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm

George Clanton doesn’t just produce gleaming electronic pop, he produces nostalgia too. The Los Angeles artist’s process involves tweaking synthesizer presets, but beyond searching for the right melodies and textures, he’s hoping to come upon a sound that strikes a spiritual chord. “I’m looking for something that triggers a memory or an emotion,” he says. His lyrics are direct transmissions from his soul: raw, often off-the-cuff, evocative. When you pair those words with the gauzy textures Clanton’s become known for, his music feels like a dreamy filter you can put over your own memories. Every moment feels a little more colorful, a little more comforting.