She Wants Revenge

The Chameleons * D'Arcy

Sunday, November 06
Doors: 8pm // Show: 9pm
$35 Advance / $39 Day of
Sunday, November 6
She Wants Revenge * The Chameleons * D’Arcy
$35 Adv. / $39 Day of / 18 & Over  / Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm

She Wants Revenge, the dark-alternative duo who first exploded onto the scene with 2005’s evergreen hit and dance floor classic, “Tear You Apart”, have reformed after a two-and-a-half year split, with tour dates, a new lineup, and their first album in over 10 years.

Though they came to prominence in the mid-aughts post-punk revival, Justin and Adam were more indebted to their early influences; Prince, Tangerine Dream, ELO, Giorgio Moroder, and 90s hip-hop. It was their true to the era production style, thoughtful songwriting, and heart-on-the- sleeve lyricism which ran counter to the studied dance punk and emotionally distanced, clever sound of their contemporaries which endeared them to the legions of fans who hungered for their brand of bold, emotive music which was sorely lacking at the time. In doing so, they made fans of both the older “all-black” crowd as well as their younger counterparts, and more pointedly, drew nods and praise from the bands who directly inspired them – cementing SWR’s legacy as torch bearers for the moody and morose who came before.